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Things That I DON'T Draw

-No Hentai-
-No crazy fetishes that will make the average person barf or cringe.
-Xtreme nude scenes is definitely out. Nude scenes have to be soft core and tasteful.
-If it's same sex type stuff, it's EXTREMELY soft core.
-No religious themes.
-The theme/situation of the pic has to fit the character. For instance I can see Kallen Statfeld in a nude scene, but I can't see Hinata Hyuuga in one. I will not betray the character's personality.
- No realism
-No crossovers from mainstream shows/comics/videogames/manga/animes (unless the crossover is canon, such as Final Fantasy characters with Disney characters)

Commission/Request Log

Next Commission done on August 7th
Final pic for :icongairon:

:bulletred:Comic Commissions:bulletred:

:iconbluehedgehog25: (12-16/PAID IN FULL)

:iconzefrenchm: (5-7/9)

:iconsuperhero2: (6-10/10 pages paid)

:iconbranded-curse: (Paid In Full--- August Start)

:bulletred:Regular Commission Updates:bulletred:











:bulletred:Color Commission Updates:

:bulletred:Special Commissions:bulletred:





Anime-Style Pics
Here's a chance for peeps to buy commissions with the DA point system. Remember, that you HAVE to go through dA's commissions process in order for me to accept points. I'm NOT goin' to accept them any other way.


Stage Two: Determination by Severflame
Stage Two: Determination
Whatever evil mastermind decided to come to this part of the world to set up shop definitely picked a good location. The water's murky, so it's hard to see through. The fog is very thick in this area, so visibility coming from the sea or sky would be very dangerous. And though not see in this pic, the place is surrounded by crags of rocks.

Still, this won't deter Britney from bringin' this foe to justice. She's done preppin' and is ready to hit the water. You go girl.:D

Commission for :iconzefrenchm:
Cassa by Severflame
Commission for :iconkalebold:

His character, Cassa, found some treasure that'll really help out financially. However, she was followed by some ogres that tend to take what's rightfully hers. Obviously, she's not gonna take this lyin' down.

Character is (C) under the commissioner.
Fallen A.N.G.E.L.S.: To The Rescue Cover Page by Severflame
Fallen A.N.G.E.L.S.: To The Rescue Cover Page
A new story, courtesy of :iconbranded-curse: of the adventures of six heroes off to foil the plans of evil.:D

What this story entails you ask? You'll have to wait and see.

Ash (Fira) is (C) under :iconthedude255:

All other characters are (C) under athe commissioner.
'Sup, peeps. It's been awhile since I'd written one of these. A lot of events had taken place within' my personal life (though there good ones instead of the bad ones), but they're takin' up a great deal of my time.

This journal is to inform all of you as to what I want to do and what's goin' on in my head. There's several parts to this journal. You can read them all if you want, or just skip to a part that may hold some interest to you. What I'll be talkin' about are the followin'...

Jungle Girl Comics
Commission Ideas/Requests

So, let's get started.


Even though commissions are goin' smoothly for the most part, I've taken on more than I'd probably would like (includin' commissions from non-dA patrons). So, that's why they're a bit slow. Odd jobs are also eatin' up a good amount of my time of commission work. The reason for takin' on such a workload is simple; I need the fundage to survive.

So, here's the deal. As always, I try to make a certain quota when it comes to commission work. If I can make that quota, I can ditch the odd jobs and have more time on the commissions/comics at hand. So, if you have a commission idea, throw it my way and I'll see if it's to my likin'. Fillin' twenty-five slots a month would really put me where I need to be financially.

As for the current commissions, what's on the queue on my profile page is all that is left. By the end of the day, I'm goin' to place commissions in an order where commissioners will know what day that the commission will be done on. If I haven't made the quota, and an odd job comes up, then I'm forced to take that job and the commission list would be backlogged by a few days. But it will be done, guaranteed!

The stars that you see are the progress for that pic. For Regular commissions;
One star = finished pencils
Two stars= finished inks
Three stars= finished flats

The fourth star means that the pic is finished and the name will be erased off the queue. It'll be posted shortly, though the commissioner may get it before that via e-mail.

Comic Commissions

Half-star = finished pencils
Full-star = finished inks
Star and a half = finished flats

Two stars means that a page is finished.

Color commissions

One star = The pic is flattened

Two stars mean that the pic is finished. The name comes off the list like it does with regular commissions.

If you guys got any questions, fill free to ask.

Jungle Girl Comic

The odd jobs are takin' it's toll on the comics as it is on the commissions. So, here's the gist.

For Jungle Girl #3, it's goin' to be free. That's right. Since it's takin' me far to long to get it done, I have no choice but to make this decision. I'm goin' to st.ash it and will give out the link on my profile page. You can check that link periodically to see if new pages has been added to it yet.

I still plan on doin' the specials as well, one page a week for each one. It'll start in August, but it falls into the same ordeal as commissions. If I don't make my quota for the month, then a week or two may be skipped dependin' on the odd job that is granted to me.

There will be an issue #4 as well, but I'll get back to you as to when it'll be out.


Even though I do roleplay, I'm not able to do so at this time. I have a lot of people askin' me, and I hate to turn them down, but I got to clear this backlog and it won't get done if Rabby and the others are off conversin' with other OC. If, at a point, that my commission list is (by some miracle) little to non-existent, then I'll be able to RP again.

As for subject matter of RPs, I'm a sucker for action adventure. Drama, romance, and light-comedy is also good as well.

*sigh* I do miss chillin' with the likes of Josh and Aqua. I'm sure the creators of those characters know who they are.:D

Commission Ideas/Requests

This part is gettin' a tad bit out of hand. Several potential commissioners, for the past couple of months, are DEMANDIN' that I do a commission that is far off my list of "Things that I don't draw". Please, commissioners! Before considerin' me, there is a list of stuff that I won't draw (as well as prices for commissions) on my profile page. Read it carefully. I'll even try to put them more towards the top of the page to make it easier to find.

I will be annoyed if you do not consider this list. If it's somethin' on there that you know falls into one of those catagories, then find someone else for the commission. Because no matter how much you beg, I will not do the commission... and constantly askin' just to try to get me to change my mind will only make you successful in pissin' me off. A few awesome friends had to defend me not so long ago, which shouldn't had been the case since I already told a certain individual SEVERAL TIMES that I can't do the commission. I'm not sure if it was a language barrier, or if that individual was just stubborn. Bottom line... you WILL be blocked if you keep tryin' to push your luck.

Also, requests are not taken at this time, and please don't ask me for free pics. I won't do them, period. You'll have to watch my other page to see if a mini-game is takin' place in order to get requests... and a mini-game isn't gonna take place anytime soon.


This is my other channel, which has not had an update for several months (I think a year) now. This is where my original ideas and fanart of my likin' (As well of underwater stuff of MY imagination) will be displayed.) I'm givin' myself til September, which is when it'll start gettin' its fair share of pics again. Watch it if you're interested.

This will also be the place where I will announce the mini-games for free pics. It will not be announced here, just to let you know.

Rachel's Corner will return there as well.:)


These past few months have actually been great. Just recently got a Wii U, and finally can get a chance to play some of these games I've been missin' on. Right now I got Nintendo Land, Mario 3D World, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, and Smash will be comin' in the mail soon. I do plan on gettin' the DLC fighters, and can't wait to try out Ryu.:D

I've been also tryin' to work on a portfolio for companies, as I want to put this Bachelors of Fine Arts degree to use other than here on dA. Wish me luck, guys.:)


"Everybody's doin' it. I just want to be popular." :D

Seriously, I'm lookin' for another outlet in order to fund the Jungle Girl's comic. I'll still would have to think of rewards for my patron, but I'll come up with somethin'. If you think that this is the right move, then let me know.


When I first started dA, I always asked questions to my fellow peeps here in order to get to know them better. When the commissions started to roll in like clockwork, however, I kinda lost touch with that. So, if you have any questions for me (any question at all), let me know. What kinda cereal I like? My favorite color? Whatever. Just shoot.

That's all for now. Had to get that out. Later, guys.



Thomas Hayes
United States
Current Residence: United States
Favourite style of art: Anime (duh)
Favourite cartoon character: Spiderman
Personal Quote: There's a difference between what looks good, and what looks interesting!

Commission Prices

Commission Info

Regular Commissions
Pencils - $20
Inks - $30
Anime Colors - $40
Soft Edge Colors- $50
Anime/Soft Edge Fusion- $60

Special Commissions
Pencils - $10
Inks - $15
Anime Colors - $20
Soft Edge Colors- $25
Anime/Soft Edge Fusion:- $30

If want me to color someone else's lineart (with their permission):
Anime Colors - $20
Soft Edge Colors - $30
Anime/Soft Edge Fusion- $40

When sufferin' with a cold, which do you hate more? 

70 deviants said A stuffy nose? :sneeze:
54 deviants said A runny nose? :sick:

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